Refrigeration unit

Trailer units (SLX single and Multi temperature)
Trailer units (SLX single and Multi temperature):

The SLX range delivers reduced fuel costs, whisper-quiet operation, and efficient load Protection and unmatched ease of use. By minimizing fuel consumption, engine Emissions and operating noise, the SLX provides you with the ideal temperature Control solution for an environmentally-responsible operation.

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powered by an electric motor
Truck Units (T series):

Thermo King's new T-Series is the result of years of R&D and exhaustive testing. Built on the proven reliability of the TS and MD product ranges, the T-Series sets new industry standards for reliability, performance and efficiency. The range has been specially developed to exceed you and your customers' expectations when it comes to truck refrigeration. The T-Series delivers greater capacities at lower operating speeds and allows for precise temperature control.

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R&D and exhaustive testing
Vehicle Driven Units (V Series):

The V-100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 series from Thermo King comprise two-piece split units designed for fresh, frozen and deep frozen applications on small trucks and vans. The road compressor is powered by the vehicle's engine. In models with electric stand-by, the second one is powered by an electric motor.

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R&D and exhaustive testing
R&D and exhaustive testing