About Us

Thermo King's Sole dealer

Since we started our business in 1994, IBC, as Thermo King's Sole dealer in Egypt had a consistent vision on Quality.
Selling world highest quality refrigeration unit is not enough if not combined with the highest quality service in all customer experience sectors.
Starting from customer education during sales cycle, we insure that our customer knows all cost aspects of managing a fleet of refrigerated trucks, trailers or buses.

During the delivery cycle of our customer experience, we make our best to deliver Thermo King units' to the customers in the best way according to Thermo King's high standard.

Finally, we, at IBC - Thermo King, believe that having equipment operating efficiently makes good economic sense:

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Reduced repair costs
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Reduced down time

To do so, we have to have a team of highly skilled and certified field based engineers / technicians to provide you with a rapid response. Doing Service either in our workshops our at customer premises using our service vehicles, which carry a comprehensive array of spare parts to ensure prompt repairs.
Our commitment to both our customers and thermo King is insured by offering our customer a variety of Contract maintenance that suits the diversified needs of our customers.
So our mission is to do our best helping you servicing your customers and SAVE YOU MONEY !